What is Magic.link and do I need a crypto wallet to participate in this sweepstakes?
Magic.link automatically generates a blockchain wallet for you when you enter the sweepstakes using your email. If you win the sweepstakes, the Fountain Fridge NFT will be sent to the associated blockchain wallet we created for you, using Magic.link. After the sweepstakes ends, winners will receive an email to come back to the site, log in, and view/use their NFT to claim free Fountain drinks.
What is the Polygon blockchain?
Polygon is a layer 2 solution built on Ethereum blockchain. This allows Polygon to use proof of stake, an energy efficient alternative that allows for faster transactions. In short, its faster for the customer and better for the environment!
What is an NFT?
An NFT is a digital asset with verifiable proof-of-ownership back by the blockchain.
What is a contract address?
A contract address allows anyone to read/audit the code that makes the project possible! In other words, you can take a look under the hood.
How often do I get $eltzer Token?
Each day you will receive one $eltzer Token that you can redeem on our site. This doesn't mean you have to come here everyday to claim, in fact, you can claim them whenever you want!
How many $eltzer Tokens do I need to get Fountain?
You will need a total of 12 tokens to redeem for a 12-pack (a.k.a. Variety Pack) of Fountain Hard seltzer.
How do I redeem the tokens for Fountain?
If you own a Fountain fridge, please log in. Once you login, you should be able to see the Redeem Page. Go to the Redeem Page. If you have 12 $eltzer tokens, you should be able to Convert the tokens into a discount code in 12 token increments. Once you redeem, you should receive a discount code that you will be able to use on https://www.hellofountain.com/. Choose a Variety pack and use your discount code at checkout. A case of Fountain will head straight to your doorstep!
Can I sell my fridge like other NFTs?
The Fountain Fridge NFT can be sold at any time, just like any other NFT. However, transferring ownership of the Fountain Fridge NFT will remove the NFTs ability to yield $eltzer tokens. Only the sweepstakes winners will be able to yield $eltzer tokens.
Which blockchin wallet do I use to get a Fountain Fridge NFT?
You simply use the Enter Now or Log in button and input your email, and a wallet is auto-generated for you using Magic. We do not currently support other blockchain wallets at the moment
What is the smart contract for $eltzer token?
Find it here.
What is the smart contract for the Fountain Fridge?
Find it here.

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